Perceiving Data Management

In the age of digital economy, data is an economic factor of production. A company can’t create a product or service to fit their market if such company lacks the necessary data to initiate one. Today’s organizations are relying on their data for value creation to a greater extent, therefore a solid strategy to manage data has become a vital point.

Data management is a delicate job and covers broad work scopes such as:

  • Access across multiple data tier as well as across on premises and clouds.
  • How to use data for analytics and a variety of apps or dashboard.
  • How to manage data security and privacy.
  • Provide disaster recovery and high availability in accordance of compliance requirements.

Data Management: Challenge & Best Practice

The expanding of data variety and data volume available to organizations could pose as challenges in managing them. In not so rare occasion, it could turn into organizations don’t actually know what data they have and aren’t sure how to repurpose them into new use cases. XAI offers a way out in the form of data management best practices. Specific best practices vary depending on the industry and which data at stake. In our experience rediscover your data, develop awareness of data science environment, and use of autonomous technology are among the steps required to address data management challenges we find today.

Our Take on Data Management Systems

Every organization regardless of type and size are in need of a solid data management solution to gain competitive advantages. XAI solution on data management systems can include:

  • Autonomous Databases
  • Data lakes
  • Data warehouses
  • Data marts
  • Big data
  • Data analytics
  • And more

Data Management Platforms

XAI is an agnostic technology house and we are confident to work with you with these technologies and more: (logo-logo produk)